Sling “Volcano” Bag


If you feel the lava heat after a really fast ride or a very hot sun, take the bag off your chest and continue the trip with the handle in your palm. Cool down. Don’t explode. You are not a volcano! This leather sling bag is designed to be worn on the chest while riding a bike or on the back while on foot. The strap is attached to a climbing gear carabiner and a professional mountaineering cord. For a more sporty riding position, adjust the strap so the bag sits on the upper part of the chest. Carry the necessary bike repair tools and have extra space for small cargo to run errands around town. It fits a multi-tool, a spare tube, a couple of croissants, or an umbrella up to 26 cm long. It has a separate pocket inside for your phone. The Belt Key Holder is sold separately and can be used in combination for convenient and fast access to your bike lock key.

Colour: Black Midnight Run / Canyon Reddish Brown (bright only in direct sunlight)


  • vegetable-tanned, natural full-grain leather (will get patina & darken),
  • braided & waxed polyester thread (very strong),
  • AUSTRIALPIN COBRA® quick-release buckle: aluminium body, brass clips,
  • KONG aluminium alloy carabiner (holds up to 600 kg),
  • Edelrid 5 mm polyester cord (from the climbing field).

Adjustable strap (by retying the knots) · Men · 426 g weight

Model is 178 cm (5’10”) tall


Truly hand-stitched (saddle-stitched). 7-year warranty:

2-year standard EU warranty +

5-year warranty for free repairs


Leather: produced in Italy

Thread: made in Italy

Buckle: made in Austria

Carabiner: made in Italy

Cord: made in Germany

Reinforcing strap insert: made in Italy

Leather finish substances: made in USA & Japan

Product design & production: Lithuania, EU


Street smart tips

  • If carrying in your palm, the buckle should always be on the top side to save it from scratches if placed on the ground.
  • When caught in heavy rain, turn your bag upside down, both on your body and when carrying it in your palm. It has a volcano design after all, so you don’t want a swimming pool in your bag!
Strap adjustment: slightly release the knot, but do not untie it completely → pull all 3 cords separately to know which is which → add more loops to shorten the strap → remove loops to increase the length of the strap. Each knot should have 3–7 loops. In the future, you can cut off the excess rope and melt down the end with a lighter.

Shipping & Returns

Worldwide shipping from the European Union. Expected delivery takes:

5–7 working days in Europe (4,95 €) and

7–14 working days to the rest of the world (9,95 €).

Deliveries to countries outside the EU may be subject to taxes, duties and import fees that are covered by the costumer.

Safe returns. 30-day free returns, no questions asked.


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